How to take part in live lesson

The classroom group is the designed place to interact with the teacher and other students through the activity feed and live lesson. Let see how to take part in a live lesson when one is announced by the Teacher.

To join a live lesson, follow these steps:

1. Click on “My Class” on the menu bar

2. On the new page, click on your class name

3. On your class page, click on “Buddymeet”

4. On the new loaded page, you’ll see a message that “Jitsi Meet needs to use your microphone and camera.”

5. Please allow Jitsi meet to use the microphone and camera.

6. If you see a pop up to install the chrome extension, you can close it in 2 steps. 1, Click on the box for “Don’t show again” and 2 click on the x to close the pop up.


7. Now you can click on the blue button “Join meeting”.

8. If, you’re asked to put the password, write ” pts2021 ” and confirm.


9. That’s all, now you are in the live classroom.